Sunday, November 18, 2012

52 Week Project: Week 46

Ahh... the last vestiges of fall. Forest Park is usually a bounty of beautiful sights - but in this awkward inbetween stage of fall and winter, pretty was hard to find.

I didn't think we'd get a good fall with the drought and everything, but I was pleasantly surprised with what fall color we did get. My parent's neighbors backyard has a stunning tree that is really holding on to its beautiful color.

This is a pathway near the Muny roundabout - I definitely was driving around to see what I could see - and I'm glad I saw this.


While this was a fun and beautiful photo, I really am looking forward to having a week off - and hopefully I will be able to take more photos than just my beautiful pup, Tom. He's hanging on and seems to be having many more good days than not good days. We'll treasure every day we get.


lonifoundherself said...

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. I love fall!

Glad you get the week off to spend time with sweet Tom.

Ann said...

Thanks, dearest! Me too - I'm sad that the trees have mostly transitioned to dead and bare. This is only acceptable when they have SNOW on them! Hahahaha.