Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy List, Week 32

Macro Water Droplets

Happy List, Week 32.

1. Camera time. Even though I've been feeling under the weather, I made some camera time and it has been worth it.

2. Nature. Because with a macro lens, nature can be even more beautiful if you have the patience to look closely.

3. Kleenex with lotion. Because when your nose is a faucet (sorry, TMI), you want something that will be less harsh on your poor abused nose.

4. Good friends. Because seeing them, even briefly, helps make your day.

5. West Wing. Because, West Wing. That's all.

6. Vacation. I have worked harder this season than I have in a long time. It wore me out and now I am on vacation. YAY.

7. Summer thunderstorms. I love a good thunderstorm.

8. Streamlining. Starting to streamline my possessions down. It feels good.

9. To Do lists. It's nice to be able to work on and accomplish things on a personal (vs work) to-do list.

10. Claritin D. It's a wonder drug when allergies are out of control

HAH. I posted on time and it's a 10-er! YAY!

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