Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy List, Week 33

Macro Water Droplets

Happy List, Week 33.

1. Fixed Car. It may have cost a bundle, but it definitely drives better and safer.

2. Photo Flood time. Exploring another new-to-me neighborhood with a good group of friends.

3. Chatting with colleagues. A few of us chatted after the post-flood dinner until almost midnight. Very fun.

4. Time off. It's been absolutely glorious. I've gotten a lot done in my time off while also catching up on rest and relaxation.

5. Crossing things off. See above. I like crossing things off on a to-do list.

6. Donations. I rustled up some things that have been collecting dust (literally and figuratively) since I moved back to STL. It was wonderful to take a carful of donations to Goodwill.

7. Starting a photography page on FB. I created a page for my photography on FB which will hopefully let me not *just* post about photography on my personal page and drive my friends nuts.

8. 3 year anniversary. Friday was my 3 year anniversary at work. My, how time flies.

9. Friends. Actually having a little time to spend with some work colleagues who are also friends is wonderful. They know who they are.

10. Upcoming trip. There's an upcoming trip in Week 35 that I'm really excited about. More to come on that.

I enjoy this list because sometimes I really have to 'force' myself to find the good in the week. Sometimes it is not obvious and sometimes it is not there. But it is an excellent exercise for me, nonetheless.

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