Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Adventures in Night Photography

Or... also known as Having Willing Victims to Drag Around With Me.

I am really loving the whole night photography trend despite the limitations the exposure time on my camera. However, I'm learning that I can still take decent photos. However, I don't always feel safe photographing by myself all the time... especially at night. Especially in some places that are seriously pretty at night.

My parents were in town this past weekend to see the show I've been working on and they were very patient and let me drag them around Houston after sundown.

The first night, we adventured to a sculpture that I found via CameraMan and Little Ms. Bossy. I knew my parents would enjoy it and I really wanted a crack at seeing the sculpture myself and see what I could capture with my own camera.

A, A by Jim Sanborn

I mean... holy cow. That sculpture is STUNNING. I really want to go back another time and take another crack at it.

On our way home, we happened to drive down Allen Parkway where I discovered that the Dandeliion Fountain (aka the Wortham Fountain) is lit at night...

Wortham Fountain at Night

The second night included at stop along the Bayou where I tried a different perspective on those stunning blue/purple lights.

Bayou Lights

I don't care if this picture is overexposed, I love it! I did capture some more realistic exposures... but this one made me happy. I still think there's more ways to capture this ever-changing art installation (the lights follow the moon phases).

I really want to have more adventures in night photography but I need to find more local victims friends.

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