Sunday, May 25, 2008


I think I'll be perennially behind on blog posting for awhile... I still haven't posted about Art Car.

On Monday past, a colleague and I got up at the crack of dawn and drove all day to St. Louis. Some pictures were taken and fun times were had. And best of all, we made it to STL in record time and arrived before sunset. Go us!

On Tuesday, we visited Laumeier Sculpture Park, a place I haven't been in ages. Pictures are still to be uploaded to flickr, so here's just a preview. Guess what else I'm behind on... 

On Wednesday, we visited to Missouri Botanical Garden where we were treated to a veritable riot of color in the iris garden. Again, this is just a preview because I've not yet uploaded to flickr.

On Thursday night, my mom and I took a trip down to the Arch to take pictures at night. These pictures are at flickr and you can check them out here.

On Friday, I flew back and was just able to make
 the second half of the Assignment Houston meet up. Those pictures are also at flickr.

On Saturday, I was able to pick up my birthday present from my best friend. The security idiots at the building where I used to work claimed that we weren't in the office (we physically weren't, but we were GOING to be) and they refused to sign for the delivery... TWICE. By the time they delivered to my apartment on Monday, I was already in Arkansas. The leasing office agents were nice and stuck the gorgeous cookie bouquet in the refrigerator for me at my request so the cookies are as fresh as if they were just delivered! They're too adorable and they smell great. I'm about to destroy the gorgeousness and dive into the sugary goodness!

But I had to take a snapshot to share! They're almost too pretty to eat! Since two already look like Tom and Pip, it would be too funny if one of them was a chocolate lab like Tucker. 

I am behind in flickr posting, so eventually I'll be playing catch up with proper posts. And perhaps this blog will return to its original, more photo-based intent. Because really, my life isn't that exciting. And I don't often have a lot to say. And until I get the hang of my summer schedule, there will be no setting of a monthly project. Yet. 


Lindsay said...

those cookies are adorable!

Ann said...

Aren't they? Almost too adorable to eat. That's why I had to take their picture... they smell so sugar-y delicious! And no, I haven't quite broken into them yet, but they're saved for the car ride!