Saturday, September 6, 2008

East Coast Adventure, Part 2: Boston

Note: due to many circumstances, I'm horridly behind on my blogging - I'll catch up soon, I promise! Some of it has to do with actually combing through the tons of pictures I took during my trip!

Monday morning, as my host headed off to her job, I headed off to Boston via Bolt Bus. The trip was very uneventful and very economical, as I had snagged myself one of the fabled "Bolt for a Buck" dollar fares. Though not quite on time, I arrived in Boston none the worse for wear.

Due to circumstances out of our control, this turned out to be a really crazy week for my host. Thankfully, he was able to set me up with a place to crash (and eventually a place for his stuff to crash while he played the moving game) and handed me a Charlie card to get me from once place to another.

Let me say this, I love the MTA - it is really well laid out (at least for the things that I wanted to do; I have no idea if its well-suited to actual residents) and it always seemed to arrive in a timely fashion. It was clean and though often crowded, not stifling.

Skyline from Mass Ave Bridge

I had almost a week in Boston since I was supposed to hop up to Providence to visit a mutual friend of my host, but due to work scheduling conflicts, that unfortunately did not pan out.

I certainly kept myself busy and nearly walked my feet off. I did however get some time in with my host and his friends, a college roommate of mine and some time in with local and national history.

One day I decided to trek the famous Freedom Trail. It ranges from historic buildings and truly ancient burial grounds where famous people now reside. It's long, not always well-marked, but it was worth the trip to the past.

Granary Burying Ground

I also came across perhaps the best "no littering" sign ever:

Best No Litter Sign Ever

Brilliant, isn't it?

Two more highlights from the trip:

The Best Breakfast Ever
Fried Matzo... I have never seen this on any menu in my life. If you're ever in Boston, check out Zaftig's deli... I promise you'll enjoy it.

Best Breakfast Ever

Make Way For Ducklings

I grew up reading this book with my mom, so I had to go visit, and take pictures of it. Unfortunately, due to popularity and tons of kids who never wanted to leave, I had to wait a long while to take the shots. It was well-worth the wait and my tired feet and legs thanked me for the respite.

Make Way For Ducklings

Check out my flickr photostream for more pictures. Boston actually has a Part 2b, as my last day found me visiting the New England Acquarium which is a whole blog post in its own.

Still to come: Boston 2b, DC, parts 1 and 2? and something new acquired.

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