Thursday, September 18, 2008

East Coast Adventure, Part 3: Washington, DC & Surrounding Areas

What was originally going to be three posts will now be two. One, because I'm so completely behind that I'm never going to catch up at this rate. Two, because I'm just not feeling wordy these days. Despite two posts to the contrary.

I shan't write about Ike for awhile, just because it'll be more of the same. I still don't have power... surprise surprise. I must wait for news from afar.

So without further adieu, let the severely behind recap continue:

Though my trip began with a uber-brief stop in DC, the second weekend of my trip was spent in DC with best friend, LK and her roommate, JB. And JB's dog, Tucker.


Isn't he a cutie? He's such an enthusiastic, funny dog. I do miss him already. I'm not used to a large dog, but Tucker quickly made himself quite at home in my lap. Mind you, he's just a little too big to be a lap dog. But we still love him anyway. He was the source of great amusement throughout my time there.

Some of my ventures out of the house included obligatory visits to the monuments. I mean, hey, when in DC, you visit the monuments. JB and I went during a sweltering hot day, and LK, Tucker and I visited them several days later at night. The monuments themselves are quite stunning and beautiful, both lit naturally and artificially.

I'm only including a few below, please visit my flickr page to view them all. And since flickr's being obnoxious about uploading, they're not really in any sort of order.

Lincoln Memorial

States - WWII Memorial

WWII at Night

Capitol building at Night

I had a great time both with them and with other friends in town. My time there was both busy and relaxing, and yet it also felt too short. I didn't get to see one friend, and I would've liked to have spent more time with others, but that just means I have to come back and visit again soon. Or if JB, LK and others have their way... move there. Time will only tell.

Next up: A visit to the National Zoo.


Lindsay said...

I'm amazed you got him to pose...he would always hide when I pulled out my camera!

Ann said...

You didn't see the many other failed shots from this camera session. :) I ended up with about 8 out of 20 or so.