Monday, September 8, 2008

East Coast Adventure, Part 2B: New England Aquarium

During my last full day in Boston, my tired feet protested any major walking adventure, so I had to pick something light. I chose to spend the afternoon at the slightly pricey, but thrilling, New England Aquarium.

I got to see tons and tons of fishes and other aquatic life, both large (HUGE sharks and turles) and small (microscopic, even) and even got to pet a friendly shark and stingray.

Despite the millions of unruly kids running around, and the not always easy task of shooting something through highly reflective glass in low light, I had a lot of fun.

Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from the afternoon:


Big Turtle

Orange Jellyfish

Next up: Washington, DC.


Alex said...

I caught your jellyfish post on google alerts. If you like the jellyfish at the aquarium, you might be interested in my company, Jellyfish Art. We make high-end custom jellyfish aquariums. There are good pictures and video at

Jives said...

Thanks for visiting the Aquarium! I work there and it was great to stumble upon your post :)

Ann said...

Thanks, gentlemen, for visiting my blog and leaving comments.

Alex: Very cool art!

Jives: I'm really glad you caught my post - it is a really great aquarium, I'd love to come back and see it again the next time I'm in Boston. Every employee I encountered was more than friendly, especially with all the children running about!