Saturday, September 27, 2008

Farmer's Market

Today's blog was going to showcase photos taken at a recent trip to the Missouri Botanical Garden, but I'm saving that for tomorrow.

I have to blog about my experience this morning at the farmer's market in downtown Salt Lake City. Located just a block away, I was not prepared for the magnitude of market. The market is located in Pioneer Park which is a sizeable park in itself, but the farmer's market takes over at least two thirds of the park. No kidding. There's delicious looking fruits and vegetables, breads, honeys but also such things as hormone-free beef, fish, and of course, handmade crafts.

There's a whole section dedicated to arts-and-crafts alone, and I, always a fan of gorgeous necklaces, was certainly hoping to find one that struck my fancy. And I was definitely in luck, there was a designer in the corner who just had stunning jewelry that was right up my alley. I'll take some pictures of the ones I decide to keep and post them at a later date. Not only were her necklaces (and other jewelry) beautiful in their simplicity and design choice, she was also reasonably priced. I walked away with more than I had planned to buy, but they'll all get worn, no doubt. The ones I don't give away for gifts, that is. She was so lovely, and I hope to continue to buy from her, even from afar.

But back to the food market part of the tale: there were farms from all over the area who came to sell their wares. Watermelons, pumpkins, squashes, more tomatoes than I've ever seen, zucchinis and cucumbers and flats and flats of gorgeous raspberries and blackberries.

In addition, there were a few restaurants who came to sell a quick bite to eat and plenty of stations selling libations. I ended up getting a delicious, freshly made strawberry limeade and ended up having a lovely chat with the proprietor who was amused that he went to culinary school and now makes ice creams and limeades.

It is people like him and the lovely jewelry designer that made this morning's adventure truly enjoyable.

My haul for the morning? More peaches than I know what to do with, a few Barlett pears, raspberries, purple & yellow bell peppers, a bag of delicious kettle corn and a delicious cantaloupe. Oh yeah, and the necklaces but they don't really count since they're not consumable - just wearable.

As luck would have it, the farmer's market lasts just as long as I'm here, it ends its limited run during my last Saturday. If you're a reader and you're in Salt Lake City, go visit the downtown farmer's market Saturday from 8am to 1pm. But make sure and go early, the good stuff apparently goes quick!

Next time, I'll take pictures first and shop later. That means I have to get going early next weekend!

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