Thursday, September 23, 2010

Art Fair, pt 1

The St. Louis Art Fair is truly one of my favorite festivals in St. Louis. It's near home, has great (if not expensive) art and local restaurants have great food available as well - both in booths and alongside the road.

For the first time, I wanted to see the Art Fair at night. It opens on Friday night, and then runs Saturday day and night and Sunday.

There's an area called the Art Studio where you can get hands-on with creating art of your own. For the first time in years, I threw a pot.


No work of art, but it was a lot more work and fun than I remembered.

Then I got a chance to stroll around and see the booths at night. What was really great was that some of the art looked really great under their booth's own lighting vs normal sunlight.

There was this one guy, John Petrey, who made sculptures out of mixed 3-D media, inspired by housewives.


I had a longer, slightly more in-depth conversation named Duncan McClellan. I'd seen his art before, but never at night. It looked even more amazing. He said that he preferred people to see his work at night because he could light it himself. I have to say, it looks great during the day but even better at night. And yes, I'm repeating myself.

Amazing Glass

Amazing Glass

Amazing Glass

And here's another booth, well-lit:

Glass Booth

And on the stroll back to my car, I saw this:

Abandoned Garage

I like the urban decay-ness of this. Can't explain it.

More pictures to come.

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