Monday, September 13, 2010

St. Louis Zoo... again.

I love the St. Louis Zoo. I always have. When I moved back, my parents gave me a membership to our Zoo. Our Zoo is free (lucky us) but it gives me some fringe benefits, including reciprocal admission in other cities' zoos, and that is often worth its weight in gold.

I think I decided that going early morning was the smart thing to do at the Zoo. Post-breakfast time and pre-naptime, for the animals. I didn't have great luck in all the exhibits. Perhaps the best exhibit to visit was the primate house. All the monkeys, lemurs, etc were all hyped up and gave the kids in attendance quite the show.

Here's just a few pics from my visit:

I spent a lot of time visiting one of my favorites, the sifakas - both in their inside and outside habitats.


I like this one because he was yawning, but it looks like he's howling:

Opera Singing Monkey?

These guys were so wide-eyed:



I also visited Big Cat Country, one of my favorites.

Most of the baby tigers are grown up and gone now (I miss them playing around like well... baby tigers) and the few that stayed behind were sleeping.

But the few moments that the leopard wasn't hiding, I took some pics of him being playful:


Rolling Around

Rolling Around

Rolling Around

Rolling Around

In the Bear area:

Perhaps the Sun Bear had an itchy foot?

Malaysian Sun Bear

And the grizzly bear makes a great triptych:

She likes grapefruit:

Grizzly Bear

It's a shame she didn't eat it like this sitting up - but she eats them in smiles too:

Grizzly Bear

Perhaps it was too tart for her?

Grizzly Bear

It was a good time - I spent several hours before the encroaching masses of kids was just too much noise to handle - plus it was getting warmer than I had anticipated.

Any time at the St. Louis Zoo is time well-spent.

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