Tuesday, May 8, 2012

52 Week Project: Week 18

Okay, I am loving shooting in RAW... and loving Lightroom 4. And I know I'm using like 5% of its capabilities. I need to start saving up for some guides/classes so I learn how to do it better. I have completely turned around my thoughts about post-processing. I know I used to think that it was unnecessary, and more of a challenge to shoot without help. But I've seen how many photos I could've have saved with just a little tweaking. A big opportunity came up photographically - the Super Moon. The moon at 10:34pm CST was supposedly 14% bigger and 30% brighter. By the time I saw it, it didn't seem bigger but it sure was bright. And it was a full moon moments after it was the super moon. I wish I'd been there for moonrise at the horizon, when moons seem bigger than normal. Nevertheless, here's the pick: Super Moon May 2012 and the runners up. Super Moon May 2012 Super Moon May 2012 Super Moon May 2012

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Very cool! Thanks for posting.

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