Monday, May 28, 2012

Task #13: Complete

Skyview Drive In

13. See a movie at a drive-in.

Item number 13 on my list was "See a movie at a drive-in". When I grew up in St. Louis, there were several drive-in movie theatres scattered about the metro area. As I got older, they slowly disappeared until there were none. The only one remaining in the near metro area is in Belleville, IL, about 20 miles from me.

A friend and I were talking about drive in theatres and right before my birthday, one of those LivingSocial deals came up and she snagged me one for my birthday. "Men in Black:3" was showing this weekend, so we decided to go see it.

It was, in some ways, nothing like I expected. People showed up FAR in advance, there was a playground for the kiddos and our fellow theatregoers were essentially tailgating (probably without the alcohol) prior to the movie.

It was totally fun to watch the movie from the car, with the movie playing over the radio. We didn't stay for the second feature, mostly because it didn't appeal to us.

A life-long yearning and a coupon may have made this one happen but I can definitely see going again and caffinate-ing myself up for a double feature!

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