Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Charleston, Day 1

My sophomore year college roommates and I got along so well as random roommates put together by university housing, that we've stayed good friends since our respective graduations. About every two years, we get together somewhere in the country and hang out for a long weekend. First was Vegas, then Ft. Collins/Denver, Miami, Washington D.C. and now Charleston.

Charleston was a great choice from top to bottom. Beach, city and everything in-between plus C decided that a vacation rental would be the way to go - and we had a great house for the weekend on James Island - very centrally located.

Day 1 was spent at Folly Beach, in order to avoid the weekend crowds. The water was warm and we definitely spent the bulk of the day wave-jumping vs laying out and getting tan (or in my case, sunburned). I swear I applied the sunscreen liberally but alas, I ended up a little burnt on my nose and decently burnt on my shoulders and back.

Folly Beach

We also met these tiny little crabs in all the debris piles:

Folly Beach

Folly Beach

Sometimes you enjoy just the natural beauty of the street upon which you (temporarily) live:


and sometimes, inspiration just hits you, for art's sake:


More to follow tomorrow - Days 2 and 3, plus eventual catch up on the 52 Week Project!

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Pippin, qoe said...

Very nice!
Thanks for posting.
However, I missed you!
Next time I want to go, too.
If S can bring her daughter, you can bring me!
Love you anyway,