Monday, June 18, 2012

Getting Into The Habit

I've some long-standing food-related habits that I'm not proud of. When you're in a stressful job and you're on the road constantly - you end up in some poor food habits. When work drains you of all will and at the end of the day, you can't muster the energy to cook, you end up in some poor food habits. When sometimes you forget to eat, and sometimes you anticipate it and "carb up" for a long day, you get into some poor food habits. I've been a victim of my own poor food habits for far too long, and I'm finally fed up with it.

For so long, I had been in the circumstances where the stage management staff had virtually no breaks. All breaks were generally taken up with answering other people's questions or getting ready for the next rehearsal, next scene, next show. I somehow conditioned myself to subsist on less water. Not healthy, I know, but I generally got along without dangerously dehydrating myself.

This summer, I have pledged to myself to cook whenever possible, and try to choose healthier items to eat when I do choose to eat out. To drastically reduce the amount of fast food I eat, to reduce the amount of red meat that I eat, to drastically increase the amount of fruits and vegetables to eat. To increase the amount of water and other non-alcoholic liquids that I drink.

Work will still keep me busy this summer, but I have greater latitude with my hours. I have vowed to cook, to use more fresh ingredients and find quick 'n easy 'n healthy or healthy-ish recipes.

Two nights ago, I cooked garlicky meatballs. Last night, sausage and spinach with brown rice, and tonight, gnocchi with sauteed asparagus, sauteed baby bella mushrooms, and parmesan cheese.

I also plan to up my exercise quotient. Last summer when I started my job, I started the Couch25K program. I only made my way to week 3 before I discovered that work interfered with regular gym visits. I sort of stopped cold turkey and haven't picked up since. I wear a pedometer every day at work, and more often than not, I reach about 10,000 steps (about 3 miles). Some days, vastly more than others.

Hopefully by getting myself in a good habit (or even, semi-decent), this will lead to me keeping some of these newfound habits when the busy times return.

Wish me luck, cheerlead me and hold me to my pledges and vows, would ya?

And just in case you think I forgot what this blog is all about:

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Anonymous said...

This is great, Anners! We'll make it a point to make something fun when you're out here in August.