Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Charleston, Day 2

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Day 2 was the "City" day. We headed into downtown Charleston and Marion Square for the well-sized and populated farmer's market. We found many savory dishes to tempt our palate. I had one of the best fruit juices (freshly mixed) and fought temptation to buy up every delicious fresh vegetable and fruit that I saw. 

Fresh Asparagus   Purple and Green Peppers

Fresh Mushrooms    Fresh Berries

City Market/Downtown Charleston

From there, we headed to the extremely historical and long City Market. Reminded me of St. Louis' Soulard Market - filled with vendors of food and wares a like. Almost everyone was selling sweetgrass baskets like these:

Sweetgrass Basket

After that, I think we headed back to James Island (where we were staying), and K and I prepared ourselves for our new adventure - sea kayaking. It was a sunset kayak adventure on Folly River. It was exceptionally fun - I've never been kayaking before. I used to canoe in middle school and had been dying to do something water related for awhile - the paddling system was completely different. It was a peaceful, fun adventure with a brief stop on a sandbar to learn about the tides, oysters and fiddler crabs. See the white bits in the picture below? Each one is a fiddler crab. They're skittish as all get out but if you stand still enough, you'll catch them. 

Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

Sadly for me, I missed out on a great night out in Charleston because the sunburn the day previous plus the kayaking sapped all my energy. But K and C had a royally good time - having gotten adopted by locals and did a little bar hopping. 

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