Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Self-Goals

Soapy Rainbows Take Two

Resolutions are funny things… You want to make ones that are specific so that you have something to strive for yet you don't want to set up yourself to fail.

There are things that I'd like to accomplish this year, but don't necessarily want to beat up on myself if I fail, such as (in no particular order]:

-I want to find the positive in things better than I do now. Sometimes it is still hard to see the forest for the trees, or whatever the saying is - seeing past the bad and seeing the good, or at least the big picture. If I have to resurrect the Happy List, I will. 

-I want to try to learn how to let go of things that are out of my control. I'm a fixer by nature and sometimes I drive myself nuts trying to fix what can't be or isn't my problem.

-I really want to stretch and learn more about photography. How to use my camera better, how to do new techniques - expand my horizons.

-I want to learn how to be more unplugged. Put my devices down and spend more time away from the computer. I can't give up any of them cold turkey, but I'd like to find a better balance.

-I want to work on my personal life - friendships, relationships, long-distance and local. 

-I want to find a better balance with work and home. 

-I want to read more books - I've gotten out of the habit (shame on me!)

-I want to learn how to manage my money better - hence the making of a budget and sticking to it. I'm not doing too bad of a job now but I can definitely do better. 

-I want to travel more - which may upend all the well-intentioned budgeting.  

-I want to find new-to-me-places in St. Louis.

-I want to try to do the Couch to 5K thing again. And stick to it. [notice that I did not make an ultimatum on this one - it is hard for me to find time that many weeks in a row] 

-I want to eat healthier - or at minimum, get better and realistic about portion sizes.

-I want to accomplish as many of these items as possible but not beat up myself if I don't do them all or don't succeed at them. 

So I'll check back periodically and let you know how I'm doing on these goals. Make sure to check in with me if I haven't - see what you can hold me to.

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