Sunday, January 27, 2013

4/52 - Photo Project 2013

Week 4 found me a bit buried at work, but not too much so. It was a good week - better than I've had for awhile. I remembered to take photos, and more than once to boot. I recently did a sewing project in which i made my own camera bag insert to adapt a thrift store purse into a camera bag for a fraction of the price. I borrowed our vintage-looking (and probably vintage) sewing machine, and ended up doing a small photo shoot with it. This is the winner of the week:

Singer Sewing Machine

Close second - Tommy in B&W:

Tommy January

And an accidentally back-lit flower on our tabletop at Dad's birthday dinner:

Backlit Table Dressing

It's always nice to have a wealth to choose from. I like them all equally, so I may revisit "Who's On First" on this week down the road. Don't be surprised if I change my mind. :)

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