Sunday, April 14, 2013

15/52 - Photo Project 2013

All of the photos taken this week, were taken yesterday in a two hour photo meet-up at Carondelet Park (Again with Photo Flood St Louis). I'd been to this park once before, with my mom, on a chilly day sometime ago. But it was nice to revisit the park - especially in good company. It's a challenging park to shoot for sure, but I think I got some pretty decent shots. I'm super excited for next week - another visit to Missouri Botanical Garden.

Meanwhile, content yourself with this winner:

="640" height="427" alt="Carondelet Park">

Runner up:

Carondelet Park

It was a tough call - by the end of the project I may change my mind...

Spring is here, can you tell? My photos are going to be flower heavy for a little while. It's one of my favorite things to shoot aside from ubran decay. Less story, but natural beauty.

Counting the days until Missouri Botanical Garden! 

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