Thursday, April 25, 2013

Flickr Blog (and other recent photographic accomplishments)!

There's a theme of the week group sanctioned by Flickr, called #Flickr Friday. They post a weekly theme on Fridays and we have the weekend (or so) to shoot it. I did the very first one, but have been a bit busy and have fallen off the wagon a little bit. But this last week's theme was Black and White - and on a whim, I converted some of my macro shots into B&W. And they picked mine to be in the blog!!

Check it out here!!

This is the winning photo:

Macro MoBot April

It's 1 of 8 photos and there's about 4,000 people in the group (though I'm not sure how many actually submitted this week). The odds were not in my favor and I am really pleased as punch to have been recognized! And there are some stunning submissions to the pool.

Between that and recently winning back-to-back Photo Floods (best picture of the Flood) with Photo Flood St. Louis (Tower Grove East) and (Carondelet Park) - I'm kind of riding high on the fact that my peers and colleagues are liking my work!

I'm really honored by all of the 'wins' and it makes me want to work harder on continuously producing 'winning' results, at least in my book.

Here's to upcoming photographic adventures!

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