Saturday, November 9, 2013

45/52 - Photo Project 2013

It was a quiet week for me - but I managed to capture some fall colors in Tower Grove park, some end of season growth at Shaw Nature Reserve and frisky animals at the St. Louis Zoo…

This Amur Leopard was snoozing, but opened up her eyes for me to take her photograph:


Runners up - the Somali Wild Asses have a bunch of new/new-ish foals - and one of them was particularly frisky and harassing his/her mom:

Somali Wild Asses - Mother and Foal     Somali Wild Ass

And this puma was standing on his hind legs to pop up and scare zoo-goers - normally I don't like my zoo pictures to reflect the cage, but the story was too good not to share:

Pop-up Puma

And a little fall color:

Tower Grove Color

I'm off to seek more fall color tomorrow, hopefully and then grabbing groceries to shop for the week. My refrigerator is absolutely empty… pathetic.

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