Monday, November 18, 2013

46/52 - Photo Project 2013

Yet another busy week for me at work, yielding few photo opportunities. Last Sunday, I got lost on purpose hunting fruitlessly for fall foliage. I missed it by a week. :( Still, I found some fall color in Pere Marquette, but didn't end up liking any of them.

I acquired a new-to-me-lens off of Craigslist. I had to wait patiently for this one but it was well-worth the wait. It's a Sigma 17-70mm, f2.8-4 macro lens. To non-camera people, that means that it can see wide to a partial zoom, that I can use it in situations where there isn't a whole lot of light and I can get really close to things.

So on Saturday, when I was waiting for the performers and my crew to show up for our early load-in, I took the lens out for a spin with the freshly watered hosta plants.

I like this one the best because of the lines in the composition:

Close Up Water

This is a close second:

Close Up Water

The third:

Close Up Water

Yesterday, we had wildly weird weather - crazy storming one second, sunny skies the next. I caught a rainbow, but I'm not sure it'll make the week - I have some photo opportunities on Friday and Saturday that should produce some winners!

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