Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy List, Weeks 30 and 31

Macro Water Droplets

Well... it's been a busy time (the busiest I think I've ever been) at work, so just about everything but the show got my attention. Thusly, these two weeks have blendeth together and I didn't feel like trying to pry them out.

So here's two for one:

Weeks 30 and 31:

1. Photo time. I took 3 hours out of my already show oriented week to take some photographs with Photo Flood St. Louis. Well worth it on many counts.

2. Caffeine. Without Starbucks Iced Black Tea, I would not have survived the last two weeks.

3. RP. Without her, I would not have survived the last two weeks. Or more.

4. Friend/Colleagues. There are those colleagues who are friends as well, and without them, I would not have survived. They know who they are.

5. Audience response. Hearing the cheers from the crowd on opening night made it worth it.

6. Seeing them onstage. Seeing this cast that worked so hard for so long onstage at last... priceless.

7. Unexpected help. We received some unexpected help from various people at various points along the way and for that, I am grateful.

8. Kleenex with lotion. I have come down with a severe case of allergies, a cold or just a regular post-intensive show something that has caused my nose to run a lot.

9. Flexibility. I am grateful for the flexibility of my job to lend me a little time to try to beat whatever this is...

10. Colleagues who understand. And don't laugh too hard when one has worked an 100+ hour week and therefore cannot form complete sentences 100% of the time. I'm looking at you, AS.

I shall be back to my normal blogging self shortly... one hopes!

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