Monday, September 1, 2014

A Trio of Pups

Ever since we lost our dearest Tommy, back in January - the hole left in our hearts and home has been  sitting large and empty. Even Pippin had seemed more subdued - missing a companion (they never played like some dogs play together).

Enter Rosie and Sgt Pepper. We really hadn't intended to get TWO dogs to replace ONE, but it just happened that way and frankly, we wouldn't have it any other way.


Rosie is a 3 year old ginger-colored terrier mix who was found walking the streets of Knoxville, TN. We don't know much about her past, but we do know she is a sweetheart. She immediately plopped in mom's lap when we met her, and she is an instant cuddler. Even better, is that she basically becomes puppy putty (or liquid mercury as we have called it) once she is next to you/in your lap. She can spend hours on her back, all splayed out, and loves best to be cuddled next to the nearest human.

She is SUCH a sweetie, such a cuddler and a cutie to boot. We are not quite sure yet on her heritage either - but she's simply adorable and should make quite the therapy dog if she doesn't fall asleep almost instantly on assignment from connecting with the human.

She's tall, lanky and quite the jumper. She's cleared a 3ft tall couch in a single bound and has (once) snuck onto the kitchen table. Since Pippin is not the cuddling type, I am absolutely loving the fact that Rosie is an insta-cuddler and adores all of her new humans (I barely qualify not being a live-in member of the household).

Sgt. Pepper

Sgt. Pepper is an 18-month old wheaten (that's blond to you non-dog people) Cairn Terrier who is just about the cutest pup on the planet. He is almost as big of a sweetheart as Rosie is but in a smaller package. He is shy, quiet and will kill you with the cuteness of his big eyes. His history is a bit better known in that he was found in a flea market in Georgia and made it through a rescue league to Missouri. His caretakers meant serious business on finding his forever home and did major research on us. He was definitely worth all the wait!

Sgt. Pepper (so named because Pepper sounds a bit like some of Pippin's nicknames) has acclimated to our household quite nicely. He and Rosie play so much that my parents have both joked about giving up the TV because they are so much fun to watch. He's almost as much of a cuddler as Rosie is but doesn't quite have the springs-for-legs that she has. He doesn't like to jump up much but will happily cuddle with, nap with or play with a squeaky toy to his heart's content. In fact, he echoed his big brother Tommy in clearing off the dog toy shelf and installing himself there adorably. He loves having his tummy scratched and occasionally gets the hiccups for no reason at all!

Pippin has taken quite nicely to two new dogs in one week which is pretty incredible. Pippin is not known for being friendly with all dogs - and that was key in whether either dog became part of the family. The grumpy "old" woman (she'll be 11 in late September) will occasionally join in the puppy playing fray and hasn't been too grumpy too often with either of the pups.

We simply couldn't be happier that both Rosie and Sgt. Pepper are now part of our family. I enjoy the fact that there are three happily wagging pups greeting me when I come to visit, and that when I sit down, I sometimes have two dogs sitting next to me or in my lap. And, as a plus - when I come over to watch a movie, no one gets left out in having an empty lap.

Soon, Mom will begin working on training them and hopefully we'll have not one, but two therapy dogs in our midst!

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