Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy List, Weeks 50 and 51

Macro Water Droplets

Happy List, Week 50

1. Book Club. Always a good time with the girls. Especially when H is there to entertain us/distract us.

2. Peter Pan Live. It may not have been great, but it's still fun to watch a live musical shown on TV and wonder if you know exactly how they did some of those "tricks" - especially when you're on the inside.

3. Busy day. Saturday was super busy and as much as it was exhausting, it was fun as well.

4. Trip planning. Doing a 'spontaneous' national park trip at the end of this month. Making lists and plans - this is my fun before the actual fun.

5. Pippin time.  I didn't have much of a chance to play with her (too much to do), but I enjoyed spending time with her while she napped.

Happy List, Week 51

1. Finally opening a production after a tech week. Need I say more?

2. Card rescue. I accidentally deleted important images off an SD card, but found software that rescued the images from the otherwise erased card. Whew. That was a scary moment.

3. Time off. I haven't had a solid tech week of work in awhile... I needed a break.

4. First responders. We had a mini crisis yesterday in which we smelled gasoline in our house (thankfully NOT natural gas). Our local fire department were quick to respond and kept us in the loop as they sussed out the issue and resolved it. Bravo to them and shame on the idiots who caused the problem. (Oops, isn't this list supposed to be all positive?)

5. New Technology. I *had* to get a new iPad because mine (the 1st generation original) finally hit the proverbial wall in not updating anymore. It hadn't been update-able in awhile, but in order to get it to do what I wanted, I need about 3 iOS upgrades beyond its capability.  I hadn't planned on this purchase but I made it work. And no matter the cost to the wallet (ouch!), it's still nice to have a fun new toy to play with and use.

6. Hanukah. My parents and I actually celebrated Hanukah on the actual first day of Hanukah. (Last year, it was so early that we scoffed at it and celebrated it on our own schedule) It was lovely all around - presents big and small for all.

Can you believe how fast this year has gone? There's actually TWO more weeks of this project - I will get to week 53 (Dec 24-31st). I wonder if I should continue it next year?

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