Thursday, December 25, 2014

Looking Back at 2014

Foggy Landscape


...was the year I really tried to kick my photography up a notch by putting myself out there.

...was the year that I was in five exhibits at various galleries and organizations (Soulard Art Market, Sheldon Art Galleries, Circus Flora/Regional Arts Commission, Orchard Gallery, and Third Degree Glass.)

...was the year that I applied on a whim to a city-wide contest and made it in the Top 100, the exhibit itself and the companion book! (City at 250: St Louis in Photographs)

...was the year I made my solo exhibition debut at Third Degree Glass Factory. What an amazing opportunity and experience that was. Incredibly grateful.

...was the year that I sold 7 pieces from one exhibit alone. THANK YOU!

...was the year that I won the Best Attendance Award from Photo Flood St. Louis - no small feat because it was also the busiest work season for me.

...was the year I was obsessed with sunrises and sunsets. This obsession did pay off for some wonderful images that I will treasure.

...was the year that I furthered my obsession and practice of capturing macro water droplets. So pleased with so many of the images taken.

...was the year that I started "Ann K Photography" page on Facebook. A further step towards doing this for real?

...was the year that one of my colleagues picked my photography as the major source of backdrops for our annual holiday show. So honored.

...was the year I finally took the STL skyline photos I've always wanted.

...was the year that I visited some great places that were on my list photographically speaking.

...was the year that I was allowed to take my tripod into the Garden Glow and have a slightly easier time getting the photos of the beautiful nighttime holiday display.

...was the year where I made some great connections with photographic and art colleagues.

...was the year I might've started considering myself an artist versus a hobbyist.

On more personal notes, 2014 was the year:

...that we lost our beloved Tommy. Still breaks my heart to this day. I miss him SO much.

...that I served my civic duty on a jury.

...that I saw DG for the first time in simply years and enjoyed catching up with him in March!

...that I made time for books (thanks Book Club!)

...that a show nearly killed me but it turned out to be worth it on opening night.

...that I finally braved the line and wait to see the Teahouse at the Missouri Botanical Garden.  Definitely worth it.

...that we added Rosie, a 3 year old mystery terrier mix to the family. She's so cuddly!

...that we added Sgt. Pepper, a 18 month old wheaten cairn terrier mix to the family! He's too cute for words.

...that I made my first very grown-up purchase - a new car! (Well, new-to-me - but STILL!)

...that I exercised my wedding coordinator/stage manager skills and had a wonderful time.

...that Pippin started having day camp at my place. Fun times for both involved.

Surely I am leaving things off (I actually reviewed all of this year's Happy Lists for reminders), but I think that this is a pretty good summary of my year.

What's in store for me in 2015? Only time will tell!

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