Friday, February 20, 2009

Alaskan Zoo Adventures

One day, TR, CB and I decided that we'd go for a drive, but didn't want to drive as far as some of our other adventures. So we decided to go to the Zoo. It might have been 5 degrees F out... and CB might have been in a skirt and tights. She was still willing to explore the zoo, and explore we did.

I think the Zoo folks thought we were crazy, and despite the chilling temperatures, we did have a lot of fun. The Alaska Zoo definitely has some animals that zoos in the lower 48 don't. Like I never saw a wolverine before (and it's kind of small - and doesn't make me think of Hugh Jackman).

Here's irony for you: the cafe where we took refuge for hot drinks and thawing may have served reindeer sausage or reindeer hotdogs. This is 'normal' for Alaska - but I'd like to point out that there were definitely reindeer in the park. I've never been to a zoo where the cafe serves food made from a kin of one of their zoo animals.

The animals seemed to have a propensity for sticking their tongues out:

Caribou - Tongue

Wolf - Tongue


Some animals I wasn't expecting:


Trumpeter Swan


The brochure for the Zoo, also may have advertised a Valentine's Day activity for kids where the older kids learn about the animals' birds and the bees. Somehow, I found this hysterically funny. Still is. Don't know why. Animal Sex Ed on Valentine's Day. Heh.

I'm almost caught up on pictures, I think. Still behind on blog posts, ah well.

More pictures from Zoo and Alaska can be found at my flickr photostream.

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