Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy List, Week 12

Perfect Rose

1. Traveling with colleagues/friends. When we left Alaska, we all left on two different flights, a few gates away from each other. We had been dropped off so early we had the chance to spend some time together before leaving our separate ways. It was the perfect cap to a great trip.

2. My great cast. I know they made the list last week, but they make it again. I don't know what I would've done without them.

3. TR, BF and CB. Again, they made the list last week, but they make it again for good reason. They know why. Invaluable.

4. Adrenaline. it's a wonderful thing. Certainly kept me going through show #3.

5. Alcohol. I know, this isn't usually on my happy list, and I'm a little surprised at the amount of alcohol consumed by this individual in the last few weeks as it is atypical for me. However, it was a great reward for hard work. No worries, all, I'm not going to turn into an alcoholic.

6. Good staff/colleagues. Without them, show #3 and #4 would not have gone they way they did. It was a team effort all the way. No one person made those shows happen on their own.

(I'm not going to elaborate more since this is a public blog; but those who know, do.)

7. Good flying companions. From being on my first flight with two colleague/friends to a lovely seat companion on the second flight - they all made my day from hell (all day flying) better than expected.

8. PS for being a familiar face at the airport after a long day of flying.

9. AT&T text messages have saved my life and made it better in the last month.

10. AT&T U-Verse for giving me internet - at last, consistent internet!! And lovely episodes of TV to watch when I got home and stayed up far too late because I'm used to being 3 hours behind my current time zone.

Again, majorly behind. But I will be posting/uploading photos in the next few days and catching up.

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