Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy List, Weeks 10 & 11

Perfect Rose

Okay, so I missed two weeks... but my internet access has been incredibly sporadic - I'm incredibly behind on blogging. So here's the belated list - which is one big one, so I'll keep going until I run out of happy. As always, in no particular order.

1. Laughter as a defense mechanism. Somehow, I've managed to curb some of my anger into just laughing and/or acting goofy. It really helps defuse some pretty decent outbursts... and there have been some situations where all you can do is throw your hands up in the air and laugh.

2. The kindness of this company. They might be small, but they're mighty and they love what they do. I'm so glad I came up here.

3. Heat and hot water. You don't realize how much you miss them until you don't have them much or at all.

4. Good friends. One of the good/bad things about these contracts is the people you meet - and then you all go away. I'm not looking forward to that particular part but I'll keep enjoying their company until we do.

5. My down coat. Yes, it's purple, but it's been proven to -25 degree weather. More on that in a future blog post.

6. TR, BF and CB. They're the best. Just saying.

7. Snow/chilly temperatures. As much as I don't always enjoy bundling up or freezing all the time, I would feel robbed of a true Alaskan winter if I didn't get it at all. Plus, I adore snow. And it's easier to drive on than ice!

8. Bowling. TR, CB, JT and I have gone bowling several times and it's been a blast. Last time WC came and joined us and it was even better. Especially after a cast party.

9. Good resturants in Alaska. Between the many tasty options in town, BF, CB and I discovered a real hole-in-the-wall during one of our drives that had some surprisingly tasty food.

10. Gorgeous vistas all around. You don't even have to leave metropolitan Anchorage to see beautiful stuff, but if you do, you'll be amply rewarded.

11. A clear day when we visted Denali (aka Mt McKinley). By visited, we mean we drove within 40 miles and took pictures from several different viewpoints. We'll take what we can get, especially in winter. When people saw our photos, they told us all we were incredibly lucky.

12. Animals in the wild. sheep (no pictures though), bald eagle (see earlier posts) and moose. It's fun seeing them in a zoo, and even a disappointing wildlife conservation place, but it's more fun seeing them 'in person', in the 'wild.'

13. Sunrise/Sunsets. The days have slowly gotten longer, but when the sun rises and sets, its often stunningly gorgeous. Even more precious, it only lasts for mere moments.

14. My photography camera & habit. I'm so glad I have the camera I do because I might not have gotten the photos I wanted. Also, apparently, my habit is rubbing off on other people - yay!

15. Networking. I randomly met up with a schoolmate/colleage up here in Anchorage (hello random!) and now we're working together this summer - yay!!

16. Lack of TV time. At my first place of housing, I had poor access to a TV. So aside from watching the inauguration, I hadn't watched much. Now I have two in the hotel I'm staying in - and I've barely watched any. Maybe I'll give up my cable when I'm back. Then again, I won't have lovely distractions there as I do here.

17. Quirky notepads/postcards that have sayings like "I Moose Do That" or "Shut the Duck Up." Seriously - the funniest thing I've heard in ages. And its fun to have friends who also think its equally as funny.

18. A great cast. A show is always more fun with a good cast - but we have a great cast. They're talented and they're fun, both on and off the stage. I've seen the show countless times now, and I still laugh every show at something old and something new.

19. Doing opera in a place that loves the arts. Who would've chalked up Anchorage as an arts loving city? They do - the downtown is filled with shops with beautiful work from local artists. The performing arts also seem to be healthily supported as well. Thank goodness.

20. The potential that the future brings. In many ways, shapes and forms.

There you have it. I have SOOOO much catch-up to do, it's not funny. But sounds like I'll have plenty of time to do so in the near future. :-\ But lots of new pictures await!

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