Monday, December 20, 2010

Catching Up/St Louis Zoo

Wow... it seems like it took forever to post about my 11 days in China. Whew, glad that is over. I've got some catching up to do.

Let's start with a trip to the St. Louis Zoo, one fine, crisp late November morning. It was a beautiful 50° day with blue skies and since those days are bound to be few and far between soon enough, I decided to take advantage.

I said hello to the bears:

Walking Around

and to the penguins:

Ahhh, Sun!

whose habitat matched the temperature outside inside.

Saw another bear who was just sitting around, casually, like you do:

Sitting Casually

Aren't these leaves stunning? Proves that not everything cool at the zoo are animals:

Beautiful Rainbow-like Fall Leaves

Beautiful Rainbow-like Fall Leaves

My next stop was one of my favorites - Big Cat Country:

Two lions cuddled up together:

Cuddling Lions

A napping snow leopard:

Curled Up

a beautiful tiger:

Tiger Tiger

Who liked to show his teeth:

Looking Mean

And sat in almost perfect light, but yet never looked up at me:

Tiger Tiger

Lastly, I visited River's Edge, which I haven't been to since they created it. I saw a cheeatah:


Some pretty sun-lit plants:

Sun in Plant

And lastly, elephants:


I gave my parents an elephant for the holidays - sort of. I adopted an elephant at the Zoo on their behalf... I was so excited to give them the gift (an adoption certificate and a pretty plush elephant) and make them adoptive parents again. They loved it! (Whew!)

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