Thursday, December 23, 2010

One Warm-ish Winter Day/Laumeier Sculpture Park

One December day, it was unseasonably warm (50°) and sunny, so I decided the day should not be wasted indoors (even though I had two baby gifts to work on). I drove out to a local park called Laumeier Sculpture Park. If you live in St. Louis, and have never been, FOR SHAME - get in your car and go right now!

It's a lovely piece of land with a ton of sculptures on it for all to enjoy. In particular, there's a piece called the Ricardo Cat by deceased artist Niki that has mirrored mosaics that I wanted to try to take pictures in. I must've spent over half my time at Laumeier inside the cat taking pictures of my reflection distorted in mirrored tiles.

I haven't been since I went there with a friend and our cameras - and that was pre-DSLR, so I took some of the same shots. Wasn't feeling too creative after the hit-and-miss of reflection capturing.


Winter Tree

Big Red

Winter Landscape


Blue Bench

Sky Blue

Mosiac Mirror Reflections

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