Wednesday, December 15, 2010

China Adventure Recap

Overall Thoughts

(This was written on my last morning when I was waking up. For the record, my first meal back was a bagel w/ egg and cheese - and later, personal pan pizza, I think. Mom & Dad made a very delicious NON-ASIAN meal to welcome my tired dragging self home.)

-Beijing drivers have no sense of traffic rules, no matter what. A drive is always nervewraacking. Yet almost all cars have not a scratch on them.

-Subways are very crowded – and just when you think a car is packed by American standards, they cram more people in. No personal space; shoving is commonplace.

-If I never see a squat toilet again, or have to carry my own toilet paper or hand sanitizer, it would not be soon enough.

-Dragonfruit is one of my new favorite fruits.

-Chinese hotel breakfast is nothing like American breakfasts. Kind of good though.

-I eat two meals a day here – I could get into this habit – oh wait, I do.

-RMB to USD conversion still gives me a headache.

-Everything is so cheap.

-I can’t wait to sleep in my own more comfortable bed.

-Brushing one’s teeth with bottled water takes a little practice.

-While I’ve had great and delicious meals here, I’m looking forward to a bacon cheeseburger or something equally American.

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