Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas...

...from my house to yours. I was raised Jewish, and though I don't celebrate Christmas in the same way as everyone else, it's never gone by unnoticed in our household. It's still a holiday and a family day.

Ever since I moved back to St. Louis, I've had a Christmas tree. I've always wanted to have one but it never made sense in our household growing up. Here are some pictures from our tree decorating this year:

Our tree, found at Home Depot:

Bare Tree

Decorations - some of my roommates favorite ornaments (she's a music teacher):

Musical Sparkly Ornaments

My ornament from my roommate last year:

My 2010 Christmas Ornament

And an ornament that I received last year for my birthday, again from my roommate:

My Birthday Ornament

My ornaments on the tree:

My Ornaments

The ornament that I gave my roommate - from Anchorage, Alaska:

KBE's 2010 Ornament
Our tree - all lit up:

Tree All Lit Up

Our tree - manual focus:

Bokeh Tree

And finally, our tree so you can see the decorations:

All Our Decorations

So I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, whether you celebrated it or not. I hope you got to spend it with friends, if not family!

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