Sunday, February 10, 2013

6/52 - Photo Project 2013

Some weeks, I don't have many photo opportunities. This week, I had SO many and so many choices to choose from. Sunday had a beautiful unexpected snow, Thursday had a gorgeous rainbow in the morning, and yesterday I got to go on one of my urban driving adventures and found lots of wonderful (yet sad) gems.

Let me start with the 'winner' of the week.

Dilapidated Ex-Funeral Home

This is a former funeral home, on St. Louis Avenue that has clearly fallen into disrepair. You can see the remains of the former beauty. This is the stuff I love when I am urban photo exploring.  I tried to find more at my favorite historical resources like St Louis Patina, Built St. Louis but couldn't find anything conclusive. (EDIT: St. Louis Patina has several posts on it - and in later posts, identified it.)

Close-calls - what almost made it:

Rainbow over U City

U City City Hall Sunset

Snowy Day in Forest Park

You should definitely check out my photostream for more pictures from this week. There are easily 100 from this week alone. That *rarely* happens when I'm not on vacation or something like that.

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