Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday Photo Drive

This Sunday afternoon, I got to drive around with my friend A, who is a fellow photography enthusiast like me. We kept planning on photographing the first snow, but it kept happening at NIGHT and both of us have crazy schedules. So when we both found out we had time off this weekend, we decided to drive around together.

I introduced her to the USS Inaugural, which has started to have been scrapped but the mighty Mississippi has risen, so that has put the temporary kibosh on it:

Old photo first, and new photo second:

USS Inaugural   USS Inagural

And then we went to see how the destruction (*sniff*) of Powell Square was going... and it's nearly done...

  Powell Square

Oddly enough, I can't find an earlier picture of the place. I know I have one, but I'll be darned if I can find it at the moment. At any rate, I also took some shots of the Crumden Martin place that caught fire 2 years ago. I hadn't been down that part of the street because it'd been blocked off but now is open for construction traffic.

But our main goal of the day was Creve Couer Lake. We didn't arrive early enough to scout, since I was try to shoot along the theme of "When Night Falls", but we found a great location and walked about a mile down the shore and back. We saw several HUGE dead fish on the shore which confused us:

Creve Couer Lake at Dusk    Creve Couer Lake at Dusk

But the sunset was gorgeous - there is very little or no enhancement on these photos:

Creve Couer Lake at Dusk

Creve Couer Lake at Dusk   Creve Couer Lake at Dusk   Creve Couer Lake at Dusk   Creve Couer Lake at Dusk   Creve Couer Lake at Dusk   Creve Couer Lake at Dusk

We capped off our photo exploration with some delicious wings at Sybergs! That was an afternoon well-spent. And we have a future exploration planned (exact date TBD - we didn't have time to do both)

We also pledged to revisit Creve Couer Lake and explore more of it in the daytime before dusk hits. I need to find, as well, a place to watch the sunrise in St. Louis... suggestions taken!

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