Thursday, February 28, 2013

Urban Decay in St Louis

St. Louis is a city (and county) with a lot of history, and a lot of transition as people move from place to place. Unexpected disasters happen, both economic and natural and skeletons of buildings are left behind. Sometimes that's literal and sometimes that's figurative.

As a neighbor, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want an eyesore like these near my house. As a curious human being, I really like finding these relics, photographing them and then trying to figure out what it used to be - if its not just a regular residence. I've found former mansions, an former gymnasium,  a lost, sunken city and a former hospital with many lives this way.

Recently, I've had a chance weather-wise and time-wise to "wander" about in places I don't normally go. I found the following gems - especially ones to add to my Windows and Doors 2013 sets. One of these was a rundown ex-church/school, another was just a regular residence and a few were abandoned industrial/office buildings. I even found a few vacant schools, that made me sad for their abandonment for various reasons. For the record, my "wandering" was limited to driving by in my car and photographing out the window, often with the doors locked. I may be slightly crazy for urban decay but I'm not stupid nor do I have a death wish. And I trust my gut instincts.

Urban Explore February   Urban Explore February   Urban Explore February    St Paul Lutheran School    St Paul Lutheran School  

Urban Explore February      Abandoned House    St Paul Lutheran School  St Paul Lutheran School    Urban Explore February

I found this in a dangerous ghost town of a city - a hidden gem that I almost missed:

Urban Explore February

In fact, this was my first time to this particular city. I drove about two blocks each way off the main intersection, on what clearly used to be the main street. Once you get past that two to three block boundary, the neighborhood picks up slightly. But it is absolutely shocking and saddening to see the state of decay and disrepair in what once was surely a thriving town. Almost every building is broken down and/or boarded up. So very sad. :(

There are plenty more in my Urban Explore 2013 sets and Urban Decay sets on flickr.

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