Wednesday, October 2, 2013

39/52 - Photo Project 2013

On Saturday, I visited Lone Elk Park in the outskirts of St. Louis County. It's a beautiful park with one hell of a hike (very nearly vertical to start, but it levels out later). We saw several deer, and a few turtles and butterflies but no elk to almost the end. Then, boom, elk EVERYWHERE. And fairly tame, all things being equal. (The deer would flee when we got near, but elk would just blink at us.)

It was a gorgeous day and I had wonderful company. Took lots of fun pictures but this is one of my favorites:

Lone Elk Park

I got pretty close to this elk without endangering my life and it was worth it. A little darker in tone and composition than some of my photos but I'm happy with the result.

Getting close to the end of the project - I wonder if I'll do one in 2014?

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