Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This fall I will be...

Borrowed from a friend of a friend - I saw this list on her blog and it inspired to me to write a rare non-photographic blog post:

this fall I will be…

Making : a baby afghan for M&L's baby - I can't wait until she or he is here!

Cooking : healthier food - maybe finally using that slow cooker, hopefully?

Drinking : apple cider - my favorite fall drink

Reading : books on my to-read list

Wanting : a new camera (either the latest Canon Rebel or 6D) - suggestions anyone?

Looking : at pictures that inspire me

Playing : the piano occasionally or board games hopefully

Wasting : time sitting and staring off into space (every once in awhile is healthy!)

Sewing : see "Making"

Wishing : for fall to last forever

Enjoying : any day off I get - they are going to be a rarity this fall.

Waiting : for Baby R!

Wondering : if I'll have a photo project in 2014 - what shall I do?

Loving : the crisp cool weather that is fall in St. Louis

Hoping : to work on my upcoming photography website in my spare time

Marveling : at the fall leaves

Writing : more blog posts, hopefully

Baking : cookies! I didn't do it last year so I should this year. Sugar cookies are my holiday trademark

Needing : to learn more about how to use Lightroom. I must be using about 15% of its capabilities

Smelling : fall air and fallen leaves

Wearing : sweaters and long-sleeves

Following: more St. Louis blogs - to learn more about where I live!

Noticing : Everyone's fabulous fall boots

Knowing : that someday I will learn that some problems can't be solved

Thinking : about where my next vacation will be

Feeling : peaceful

Bookmarking : wonderful reference articles at the Digital Photography School or recipes I want to make

Opening : the season at work - 13 shows (countless performances) between now and May! Plus about 7-10 others not included
in the official season referenced before.

Giggling : at Pippin's silly antics. This 10 year old is forever a puppy and I wouldn't have her any other way.

Practicing : how to calculate aperture and shutter speeds without too much thought

Well, you can see I'm planning on being camera-focused this year. I think I'm finally taking my photography more seriously. I have had more photographers (professional, semi-professionals and amateurs) compliment my work and encourage me to keep photographing.

Thanks for reading! When flickr stops being a pain, I'll have a photo post ready!

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Anonymous said...

This is so sweet, Anners. Thank you for working so hard for Baby's gift. And definitely drink all the cider you can. Also my fave!

Miss you!