Sunday, October 13, 2013

41/52 - Photo Project 2013

Week 41 had a lot to do with animals, surprisingly. On the Sunday, I participated in the APA Canine Carnival where there were dogs, dogs, everywhere. Yesterday, I visited Grant's Farm for the first time in about 30 years, where I got to feed the goats and a llama. This time, however, I was old enough to enjoy an AB/InBev sample - surprisingly generously sized considering that Grant's Farm is free.

Though I took some good pictures yesterday, I keep going back to this one photo:

APA Carnival - Peek-a-Boo

You'd think I'd choose one of my captures of the Purina show dogs or perhaps one of the more exotic breed canines that I visited. Nope, this little Westie caught my eye while we were waiting. He (or she) was so full of energy and curiosity. Kept trying to peek over the short fencing and just looked plain adorable doing so. I swear he wasn't posing for the camera but I totally lucked out with this shot.

There's a Sunday smile for you!

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