Tuesday, December 17, 2013

50/52 - Photo Project 2013

Week 50 was super busy… our major holiday production "Little Dancer" was so popular that we ADDED a whole production. The 'art' that's central to our dances this year wasn't from SLAM but from photographer Stewart Halperin. His work is just breathtaking. In addition to providing the art, he and fellow photographer, Jeff Hirsch, photographed the entire process from rehearsal to production.

This photo was taken by me, while at the light board during photo call. I was inspired by their rehearsal photography which definitely dabbled in the slow shutter speed realm to capture the dancers movement.  I really enjoy their silhouettes in the picture which make it all the better - several people have mentioned the MST3K quality of that.

Photo Call

There weren't really many other choices this week but it wouldn't have mattered. This was a clear favorite - it's one of seven. You should check the rest of them out.

I missed a good snow day because of work, but that's okay. There'll be plenty more if I have my way...

Whoa… 2 more weeks of this project. What SHALL I do next?

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