Sunday, December 29, 2013

52/52 - Photo Project 2013

Well, well, well, here we we are at the end of this project and almost at the end of this year. This last week of the project brought many photo opportunities. An amazing and unexpected sunset, another stab at the Garden Glow (which included waiting until the crowds dwindled for some of the shots), Raja's 21st birthday at the St. Louis Zoo and an urban exploration trip.

Thought it is really tempting to crown the Garden Glow here once again, I have to go with natural beauty:

Sunset St Louis

This gem came during an all-day baking fest at my parents. I looked out in the backyard while waiting for a timer to go off and saw the rainbow-ish colors, went out the front door, and saw this. I ran inside, grabbed my camera and ran pell-mell out of the house like a fool. I took this shot just down the street, then raced back for my keys to get a better shot. By the time I got a half mile away, the colors were disappearing. As much as I love sunsets, they are so fleeting and I feel lucky to catch them when I do.

Veryclose runners up:

Garden Glow at MoBot   Garden Glow at MoBot    Garden Glow at MoBot

What a wonderful project this has been. I'm still mulling over ideas for 2014. We'll see what I land on. Stay tuned!

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