Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking back at 2013/Photography Update

Garden Glow at MoBot

In comparison to last year, it seems like I didn't do anything! Last year was just a good year for the list, which needs to be altered a little bit, I think. That's a post for another day.

I only crossed #8 off, and that's only if you're being technical… I kind of counted it last year but I think it qualifies much more this year.

I knocked off Washington state leaving only 17 left and no concrete plans for any of them. 

I knocked off three more national parks (North Cascades, Mt Rainier and Olympic), which leaves 18 left. Besides a TBD trip to Utah, I'm going to have to start getting super creative. 

However, photography really moved to the forefront this past year. I have many photographic accomplishments to share:

– I joined Photo Flood St Louis, a local photography group of likeminded individuals. Not only are these photographers my photographic peers, they are also around my age as well. I've made some great friends, and learned a lot about photography from all of them. We have a neighborhood which we 'flood' and take photos of it for approximately 2 hours. One of the things I really enjoy is that we often walk around in groups and I love seeing the different perspectives on the same things. Sometimes we take the same shot, and sometimes they are wildly different. I also enjoy learning more about and seeing neighborhoods that I wouldn't have necessarily gone to/knew about the history of before.

Since February, when I joined them in Ellendale, I have been to 19 of the 23 Floods/Mini-Floods which is not too bad considering my varied work schedule. The rounds are judged - by the founder and two guest judges. I have had the great honor of winning two of them so far, and placing close in a few others. I am most proud of my unique find in Tower Grove East and I had to leave that Flood after only one hour! I've also had the honor of being a guest judge as well, which is no easy feat. There are TONS of very talented folks in this group. 

– I was selected as part of the Flickr Friday Black and White Theme. I still can't believe I was selected. I haven't had much chance to enter since, but I plan to again. The premise of the concept is that we are handed a theme on Friday, and have the whole weekend to shoot the subject and submit it. 

– I entered into two juried exhibitions this year and was selected for both.

The first was at Soulard Art Market in the exhibition with the theme of Fear II.  

Wright/Arcade   Time Stopped

The first image at Soulard Art Market was also my first ever sale of my photography! 

The second was Studio Altius' SEEN 2013 exhibition:

Macro Mobot September

– I have been hired multiple times by a local entertainment company to document their events for their website/Facebook page as well as my regular place of employment for the same thing. This makes me exceedingly happy and honored at the same time.

– I created http://www.annkphotography.com as a digital portfolio that is more curated than every photo I've ever taken and posted to Flickr. Someday, it may grow into more, but I'm in no rush.

– Through my explorations of St. Louis (both with and without Photo Flood St. Louis), I have documented some buildings that sadly no longer exist - mostly via demolition. 

A former funeral home, Powell Square, Cupples 7, along 4th Street, Servco Warehouse.

Dilapidated Ex-Funeral Home - 6/52 - Photo Project 2013    Remains of Powell Square    Cupples 7    Urban Explore March   Downtown STL Explore    Servco Fire Aftermath

I've also very much become aware of abandoned buildings and their pending demolitions. I'm a regular reader of St. Louis Patina and Vanishing St. Louis. You should be too if you're into that sort of thing. 

– I have become a more avid reader of Digital Photography School as well as an eBook reader from various places including DPS and Craft & Vision. I have TONS of downloads to reference on my now ancient iPad.

– I have also become the proud owner of a Canon 70D. My Canon Digital Rebel XSi was a trusty companion and will live the rest of its life as my secondary camera. After 5 years, changing skills/wants/needs had driven me to want to upgrade my camera. I had long promised myself that I wouldn't upgrade until I had better skills. I have worked on my skills enough for me to feel like I deserve a new camera. Because there are technical differences between the 70D and XSi, I feel like I have taken a tiny step backwards. Soon, that step back will be reversed! 

– I also purchased a great walk around lens to go with my new camera. In addition to having a pretty decent range (17-70mm), it is a F2.8 lens (which means it works well in low-light) and it is a macro (though not as good as my other macro lens). 

– I am honing my new photography wish list. Currently on it is a wide angle lens because I love landscapes (Tokina's 11-16 f 2.8 is the current leader) as well as purchasing a flash (looking at 430 EX II as the best suited to my current needs). 

What will 2014 bring? Continuing photographic education, broadening my photographic horizons and exploring more of St. Louis and perhaps other cities/states. And of course, honing my photographic skills. 

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