Thursday, April 15, 2010



Day 331 found me on a whirlwind tour of Washington University's campus with an alum, and when we went into the new student union, we found this display. Apparently it is Sexual Assault Awareness month, and WU has dedicated at least a week or month's worth of activities, including "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" (that we saw later on that morning) which is a bunch of men walking a mile in heels to raise awareness. This particular Walk a Mile In Her Shoes was done by an all male group dedicating themselves to making men more aware about what constitutes sexual assault, how to prevent it, etc.

These shirts were clearly a display of real stories of domestic violence/sexual assault, etc. These three are particularly heart-wrenching.

I'm lucky enough to have not had personal experience with domestic violence or sexual assault or anything like it, but I do have friends who have. Ladies, this entry and Day 331 are dedicated to you. For being survivors of such a terrible thing, for letting your voice be heard to help others. I'm proud of each and every one of you.

And I'm really proud of the three individuals who have these stories on these three shirts. I'm so terribly sorry you had to go through this, but your stories caught my eye, gave me pause and my few minutes of time spent reading led to me talking about it all day, and again here.

Thank you for sharing your stories so that we may hopefully prevent others from happening.


Mom said...

NIce entry, Sweetpea.

We're v glad you have no experience in this area.

We like the tulips at the top, too.

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Ann said...

Thanks, Mom.