Monday, April 19, 2010



I'm trying to think, and I think that its quite possible that in my 2 or so years in living in Southern California that I never made it to Disneyland. It's not like I've been deprived of the Disney experience, I've been to Disney World, but I think I never quite made it to Disneyland.

Well Day 334 brought me that opportunity. A good friend of mine, VTF, was also in town (having also moved away from SoCal) and was taking her girls to Disneyland. Of course I wanted to see her, but the bonus of it all was that we were going with some friends of hers and one of those friends had a connection and we got in for free.

It was VTF, her two girls, me, a friend with a son, and a friend with two sons, one of whom was an infant. I spent part of the day enjoying the rides with kids of various ages and sometimes just watching the 9 month old nap so that kids could go on rides with with their moms. I had an absolute blast the entire time!

I really wish I had worn a pedometer that day because I think we walked my feet off and I strengthen some upper body muscles by pushing a double stroller.

I will say this, Disney is not for the faint of heart. So many distractions to the young ones! And at the full price of a regular ticket, you could definitely see other families trying to get their money's worth.

Another bonus of the day: seeing Disney "Secret Service" trying to block off portions of the park for a VIP (whom we never figured out the identity of). My only picture of this phenomenon did not quite do it justice...

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