Friday, April 16, 2010



Day 332 found me packing up again, but this time for fun. I used to live in Los Angeles, from about 2004-2006, and still have friends there. Thanks to a Southwest Airlines voucher and AAdvantage miles, I made my trip out there to visit friends and favorite restaurants for not too much.

This was a long overdue trip and fun will be had. And good food, too.

p.s Who knew that packing for fun and not work could be so easy?


Pippin said...

Luggage schmuggage.

However, if you were really into this, you'd photoshop the new banner photo (aren't these changing rather frequently?) so the bee is hovering over a biscuit, perhaps a powder milk biscuit. That would say Biscuits with Honey, honey. Love you.

Pip, QoE
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Ann said...

Hah. You don't like my new banner? Its not intended to be related to the title - its intended to be one of my favorite pictures.

It could've been the fish, you know.