Wednesday, April 28, 2010



Back in 2004, I was invited to join LA Opera's production department as an intern. My boss was CS. It was a fun year and after that internship, I was hired on for the following season. She taught me a lot, and her name certainly is well known throughout the industry.

I had moved away to Houston when the phone call came that CS had suddenly passed away. This was totally unexpected (she was not ill, per se) and the opera world reeled. Almost everyone knew her, many of us had worked with her, at any of the various places she had worked over her career.

A good number of us made it to LA for the funeral, and an almost equal number were unable to attend due to their then current jobs. But the turnout was good, and the memories and stories were great.

So when I was in LA this April, I knew I had to go visit and pay my respects. I wanted to leave her flowers, and when we went to purchase them, there was no doubt. This bouquet practically leapt out of its bucket and begged to be bought. Sure, roses would have been lovely, but these gerbera daises reminded me so much of her. Of her hair. Of her personality. Of her energy and love for opera.

As she is famous for saying, "Life is short, Opera is long"

We miss you, CS.

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