Monday, December 24, 2012

52 Week Project: Week 51

Time off work, plus the holiday season, equals lots of great photo opportunities. I had some great ones on December 16th in downtown St. Louis at Citygarden. And on the other end of the week, I crossed off a life list item, blowing glass.

This is the winner of the week - I almost chose the glassblowing but it's been featured plenty recently and I will very much treasure the experience and accompanying photos. This was one of 60-odd photos taken at the Citygarden and this was one of the last ones I took. I just like how the art naturally frames the other art.

Citygarden Holiday Lights

Runners up:

3rd Degree Glass - Ornament   3rd Degree Glass - Ornament    3rd Degree Glass - Ornament

I've actually already taken shot #52 because I knew exactly what I wanted to take to round out the project. I may post that...

Plus,  I think I've settled on Photo Project 2013. More to follow.

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