Thursday, December 6, 2012


6. Go back to writing good old-fashioned letters.

In this digital age, I find it important to slow down and write by hand. In the age when cursive is not being consistently taught, it's lovely to take a real pen to real paper and write a heartfelt note to a friend.

One such friend, L, and I have corresponded now via letter for about a year. Sure, we still talk on FB or email and have even seen each other in person. We comment on each others blogs. But we're still taking the time every so often to mail each other a real note.

Letters from a Friend

We shall continue this tradition for awhile, I hope. I hope it continues to spread to other friends. I do make it a point of sending out real, physical holiday cards - I've been doing that for awhile. But this took a little extra effort and reciprocation on the part of a very good friend.

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lonifoundherself said...

How sweet of you, Anners! I'm so happy that you suggested this and, even though I'm slow to do my part sometimes, I really treasure your letters (and our friendship!). XOXO