Monday, March 3, 2014


Money  - 2/2

27. Learn how to do my own taxes.

Taxes are the big scary to me… they are complex, and if you do them wrong, you could get audited. Math and I do not really get along so that makes them especially daunting.

For a majority of my professional life, I have worked in multiple states, as many as five in a year. Not all of that work would be on a W-2, in fact, most was on a 1099. None of these items make tax-time easy.

Once I was employed by a single company in a single state, I knew that my taxes would be easier. I still had some slightly quirky things, so last year I gave in and went to H&R Block just to make sure all was a-okay but it was pricey.

So this year, I felt well-armed and once I had all the paperwork in, I worked with TurboTax and successfully completed my taxes yesterday! It was relatively painless and I'm very proud of myself.


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