Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy List, Week 12

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Happy List, Week 12

1. Corned beef and cabbage. I don't have it but once a year but every year I am reminded how much I love that Irish treat.

2. A completely lazy day. On Saturday, I unashamedly did NOTHING all day until my photo meet-up in the evening. It was glorious.

3. Exploring St. Louis. I had only previously driven through this neighborhood and it was wonderful to really explore it on foot.

4. A productive day. Sunday, on the other hand, is where I grocery shopped, made some choices for an exhibition submission, paid bills, baked kale chips and started making a list for my work trip next week.

5. Good staff. I have some really good staff that I'm pleased to have working for me. They know how to handle crises and know when to contact me and loop me in so I can support them in any way I can.

6. My PF friends. I'm glad for the friendships made with this group. They are great people and we get to geek out about photo things. I only wish I saw them more.

7. Sybergs wings. These wings have made it on this list before - hot enough to clear my sinuses but not so hot to alienate my tastebuds. Thank you, LA, for getting me hooked on them and to AD for furthering my addiction.

8. Hint of Spring. Though a touch windy, today was crystal clear and gorgeous. Made a trip to the Botanical Gardens and then dog-napped the Pippin pup for a stroll around Forest Park.

9. Ted Drewes. Not very convenient to me which is why I rarely get the treat - but sometimes the craving is too large. My favorite is Fox Treat - macadamia nuts, raspberry and chocolate. YUMMMMM!

10. Pippin time. She has mellowed out a bit since we lost Tommy but she still thinks I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread and loves me like crazy. She and I had a wonderful afternoon in Forest Park, big sister and little sister!

Second 10-er of the year… let's keep trying, eh?

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